Your SmartHON

You can bind your SmartHON via Bluetooth or QR code,Either way is 
convenient.One account can be bound to multiple SmartHON,One 
SmartHON can only be bound to one account,But you can share your 
SmartHON with relatives and friends through our App.

Firmware Upgrades

Through Bluetooth connection, the user will be prompted to upgrade 
when a new software version is detected.
1. Version update can improve version stability and repair version functions.
2. The new version is developed on the old version, so the version 
upgrade canfurther improve the old functions.
3. The old functions can be abandoned, the shortcomings of the 
previous version can be changed, and add new functions.

Of Your SmartHON

Through the App, you can view various data of the SmartHON, such as 
it's historical trajectory, the analysis of daily riding data, etc..